Halcyon Class Minesweepers HMS Gossamer Crew
Lt George Campbell Foster

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Military Honours Awarded to Lt George Campbell Foster

Supplement to London Gazette of Friday 27th June 1941 dated Tuesday 1st July 1941

Petty Officer George Campbell Foster P/JX.153809

Mention in Despatches: For outstanding zeal, patience and cheerfulness, and for never failing to set an example of wholehearted devotion to duty, without which the high tradition of the Royal Navy could not have been upheld.

The Fourth Supplement to London Gazette of Friday 4th December 1942, dated Tuesday 8th December 1942

Petty Officer George Campbell Foster P/JX.153809

Mention in Despatches: For bravery while serving in one of HM Ships escorting a convoy to North Russia

Supplement to London Gazette of Friday 7th December 1945, dated Tuesday 11th December 1945

Mr George Campbell Foster, Gunner (T), Royal Navy

Distinguished Service Cross: For distinguished service during the War in Europe.

The Seventh Supplement to London Gazette of Friday 28th December 1951, dated Tuesday 1st December 1952

Mr George Campbell Foster DSC, Senior Commissioned Gunner (T) Royal Navy

The King has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in recognition of Bomb and Mine Disposal service.



Source: ADM 116/5233 (Thanks to Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officers' Association for supplying information)

George Campbell Foster - Gunner (T)

HMS Musketeer 28th June 1945

Recommended for Award - already mentioned 1.7.41 and 8.12.42

Short statement of services for which recommended:

This officer was strongly recommended to me by my predecessor Commander Fisher RN who asked that his name should be included in the next list of Recommendations for Awards.
His war service is as follows:

As a Petty Officer: Minesweeping in HM Ships Leda and Gossamer from the [start] of the war until HMS Gossamer was bombed and sunk in North Russian waters in 1942.

HMS Leda made eight trips to Dunkirk during the evacuation. During this period Foster (then a Petty Officer) received two Mentions in Despatches.

As Gunner (T): In HMS Musketeer from October 1943 to the present date; 8 Russian convoys, 6 Operations off the Coast of Norway, sinking of the Scharnhorst during which Musketeer claimed two torpedo hits. Towing and escorting H M Submarine stubborn off the coast of Norway.

The electrical material of HMS Musketeer is in excellent condition which I consider reflects Mr Foster's personal efficiency and untiring zeal.

Commanding Officer HMS Musketeer
28th June 1945

I agree. Mr Foster has been one of the mainstays in light craft from the beginning.
Captain (D) Third Flotilla
23rd July 1945