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Since the launch of this website in April 2006 there has been a steady number of e-mails from relatives of crew members and, indeed, former members of the crews of the Halcyons themselves. Details have been included here of those contacts relating to HMS Gossamer, although e-mail addresses are excluded for privacy and to avoid spam messages. Please contact me if you would like to contact anyone listed here.


Crew Member Contact Relationship Information
Colin Page Mark Page Son

I saw your web-site while doing a little research about my Dad. He was an ASDIC operator on the Gossamer, and survived the bombing in 1942. He was mentioned in despatches for saving the life of a crew member during the sinking of a ship Ė Iím almost certain it was the Gossamer. He was on the ship when she assisted the Edinburgh, and told tales of helping my uncle (who was an officer on the Edinburgh) onto the Gossamer. He also said that the heard the final torpedo through the earphones, as it missed the Gossamer by a fraction before hitting the Edinburgh. He told me that there was a print out of the sound of the torpedo, and he intended to keep it (to assist him as a raconteur) but lost it in the sinking. 

As an ASDIC operator he assisted in the sinking of a U-boat while on the Gossamer. (He told the tale of him and the depth charge layer tossing a coin for a Soviet medal which was awarded to the ship for the sinking of the U-Boat. Dad said he lost.) 

Dad died in 1992.  

His name was Colin Kennedy Page, 24/0218 to 25/03/92. He joined the RN as a regular in 1936, and served until 1946 Ė when he left to go whaling in the south Atlantic.

George Foster David Foster Son

My name is David Foster the son of the late George Foster and the last year or so Iíve been trying to track down some of my fatherís war and service history. Iíve finally come to the end of the line and have gone about as far as I can and have gathered a lot of information. I have been greatly assisted by Lt Cdr Rob Hoole and he steered me in your direction in regards to H.M.S. Gossamer. I saw with interest that the WWII veterans and their relatives were now entitled to the Artic Star. I would deeply like to add this to my fatherís medals as I think he justly deserved that little bit of recognition.

Your Website is fascinating and I instantly located my fatherís mention in H.M.S. Gossamer.

Samuel Arthur Hockney Steve Hockney Grandson Thank you so much for this website. It is both enlightening and humbling. I came across it in the search for my Grandfathers' naval history. He was Petty Officer Steward (Samuel) Arthur Hockney C/L. 14824. I had been told (and your site clarifies) that he had served on HMS Gossamer between 1940 and 1942. Here my problem begins. I do not know onto which ship my Grandfather was stationed after the sinking of the Gossamer. My father thinks it may have been HMS Leda.
Sometime in 1942, my Grandfather was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal (London Gazette, issue 35841, 29/12/1942), for what I have no idea. The story goes that during WW2, he was in fact sunk twice. Any help in this matter, or pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated
Albert Stanton Cheryl Edwards Granddaughter My Grandfather was killed on the HMS Gossamer in 1942.  His name was Albert Stanton.  My Father and I have been told very little about Albert as his widow never talked about him.  We would very much love to find out some more about him as my Father was only 4 years old when Albert was killed.  Could you give me any idea where to start as I have no idea how to trace records etc. 
Don Howard Don Howard Son I would welcome any information from anyone who might have been on the crew of HMS Gossamer.
I have recently been researching the history behind Gossamer and the other Halcyon class mine destroyers during the North Sea convoys. I am particularly interested as my father served on Gossamer and was killed when the initial action took place when she was bombed in Murmansk Harbour on the 24th June 1942.

I understand my mother was told that he probably died during the initial bombing of Gossamer; this is borne out by Lieutenant Commander Crease's report to The Senior British Naval Officer, North Russia, dated the 24th June 1942 and available online on the Halcyon Class site. My mother rarely talked about my father.

I would very much like to hear from anyone who may have recollections, either first, second or even third hand!, about life on board Gossamer at that time. It would be too much to hope that someone may have known of my father - perhaps that's a bit too late in the day now!
My father was Arthur James Donald (Don) Howard - Steward P/LX 22305
Thank you
AJD (Don) Howard


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