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This page contains all the names of crew members that have been found so far. If you can add to the information please contact me.

Cdr. Reginald Cecil Haskett-Smith, RN 5 January 1939 21 February 1940
Cdr. Richard Cyril Vesey Ross, RN
DSO awarded on 7 June 1940
21 February 1940 October 1940
Lt.Cdr. Alan David Hastings Jay, RN October 1940 21 July 1941
Lt.Cdr. Thomas Crosbie Crease, RN 21 July 1941 24 July 1942


Crew Members who lost their lives while serving on HMS Gossamer
ADDISON  Robert  Leading Cook (S)  P/MX54868 24th June 1942 - -  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 69, Column 3
ARNOLD  Derek  Engine Room Artificer 4th Class  P/MX 468 24th June 1942 - -  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 67, Column 2
BARRATT  Douglas Legh  Lieutenant - 24th June 1942  41 Husband of Concert pianist Eileen Joyce  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 71, Column 1


BROOKER  Alfred Frederick  Able Seaman  P/SSX33828 24th June 1942  22  Son of Alfred and Ellen Brooker; husband of Mabel Brooker, of Catford, London   PORTSMOUTH            Panel 63, Column 2
BRYDON  William James Alexander  Leading Steward  P/LX 22888 24th June 1942  21  Son of James William and Jennie V Brydon, of Southsea, Hampshire  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 70, Column 1
CASE      Jack Francis  Petty Officer Mentioned in Despatches  P/JX137794 25th June 1942  25  Adopted son of Arthur James Erwood and Ada Erwood, of Christchurch, Hampshire MURMANSK RUSSIAN CEMETERY EXTENSION South side, Grave 26
EVERITT   Walter  Able Seaman Mentioned in Despatches  P/J 100186 24th June 1942  36 -   PORTSMOUTH            Panel 63, Column 3
GRAHAM  Hugh Mcauley  Able Seaman  P/SSX23980 24th June 1942  24  Son of David and Elizabeth Graham, of Ruchill, Glasgow  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 63, Column 3
GREGORY  Donald Alfred  Able Seaman  P/JX165354 24th June 1942  23  Son of Harry Walter James and Lily Rose Gregory, of Winton, Bournemouth, Hampshire PORTSMOUTH              Panel 63, Column 3
GROGAN  John  Leading Stoker  P/KX 92520 24th June 1942 -  Son of John and Ellen Grogan, of Shanagarry, Co.Cork, Republic of Ireland PORTSMOUTH              Panel 68, Column 5
HACKETT   Robert  Petty Officer Mentioned in Despatches  P/JX142880 24th June 1942  22  Son of Harry and Edith Mary Hackett, of Lichfield, Staffordshire  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 62, Column 2
HANKINS  Cyril Arthur  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX116480 24th June 1942  29  Son of Mr and Mrs Arthur James Hankins, of Ash Vale, Aldershot   PORTSMOUTH            Panel 68, Column 2
HOOK  Harry William Robert  Petty Officer Stoker  C/KX 75635 29th May 1940  33  Son of William Robert and Florence Mary Hook; husband of Alice Ellen Mary Ann Hook, of Lowestoft, Suffolk CHATHAM                    Panel 37, Column 3
HOWARD  Arthur James Donald  Steward  P/LX 22305 24th June 1942  24  Son of James and Lilian Howard; husband of Olive Howard, of Caynham, Shropshire PORTSMOUTH              Panel 70, Column 1
KEENE  George William  Leading Steward  P/L 14329 24th June 1942 - - PORTSMOUTH              Panel 70, Column 1
KENYON  Gerald Benjamin  Lieutenant - 24th June 1942 - -  PORTSMOUTH          Panel 71, Column 1
MASON  Aubrey Edward  Warrant Engineer 24th June 1942  40  Son of Lieut-Commander Walter Mason, R.N., and Ada Ellen Mason  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 62, Column 2
McARTHUR  Hugh  Leading Seaman  C/JX152463 24th June 1942  36  Son of Arthur and Elizabeth McArthur; husband of Cornelia McArthur, of Gillingham, Kent CHATHAM                    Panel 52, Column 2
OSBORN  Albert James  Ordinary Seaman  P/JX174185 5th October 1940  22  Son of Lilian Alice Plummer, of Lee, London GRIMSBY (SCARTHO ROAD) CEMETERY Section 116, Row I, Grave 3
PERRY    John Francis  Petty Officer Mentioned in Despatches  P/J 12661 24th June 1942  48  Son of Henry Windsor Perry and Martha Ann Perry; husband of Annie Lilian Perry, of Tipner, Portsmouth  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 62, Column 2
PLANT  Thomas  Stoker 2nd Class  P/KX119112 24th June 1942  28  Son of Horace and Eliza Plant, of Barnsley, Yorkshire

PORTSMOUTH              Panel 69, Column 1

PRICE  William John  Able Seaman  P/JX174186 6th February 1941  22  Son of William and Mary Louisa Price, of Blaengwynfi, Glamorgan SHOTLEY ROYAL NAVAL CEMETERY Suffolk Plot 1, Row D, Grave 2
SAMPSON  Frederick  Leading Stoker  P/K 17625 24th June 1942  49  Son of Thomas and Letitia Sampson

PORTSMOUTH              Panel 68, Column 1

STANTON  Albert Victor George  Stoker 1st Class  P/KX104042 24th June 1942  27  Son of Albert and Elizabeth Stanton; husband of Norah V K Stanton, of Moulton, Northamptonshire  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 68, Column 3
STONE  Cecil James  Officer's Cook 2nd Class  P/L12294 11th February 1945  43   Son of James Henry Edward and Daisy Stone, of Southsea; husband of Evelyn Violet Louisa Stone, of Southsea PORTSMOUTH (MILTON)  CEMETERY Plot Z 2, Row 4, Grave 4
THOMAS  George Herbert Alfred  Steward  P/SR 71522 24th June 1942  23  Son of Harold Victor and Eliza Thomas, of Birkenhead, Cheshire  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 70, Column 1
WADE  Charles William  Petty Officer Stoker  P/KX 80298 24th June 1942  30  Son of Charles William and Rosetta Wade, of Birtley, Co Durham PORTSMOUTH               Panel 67, Column 3
WOODWARD     Henry James  Able Seaman DSM  P/J 104237 24th June 1942  37  Son of Harry and Ellen Woodward; husband of V M Woodward, of Shepherd's Bush, London PORTSMOUTH           Panel 65, Column 2
YOUNG  James Roland Ivor  Able Seaman  P/JX235855 25th August 1942  19  Son of James and Violet Ivy Young, of Hamworthy, Poole, Dorsetshire  PORTSMOUTH             Panel 65, Column 2


Source: http://www.wolverhamptonwarmemorials.org.uk/memorial_pages/Church/st_bartholomews_penn.htm


St. Bartholomew's Church Penn

Two memorials hang in the church. A memorial to the men of the parish who paid the supreme sacrifice during the First World War and one to the memory of the men of H.M.S. Gossamer killed in action June 24th 1942.

This is the Second World War Memorial. Inscribed on it are the words "H.M.S. Gossamer Association. In Memory of Shipmates Killed on H.M.S. Gossamer by Enemy Action in Arctic Waters June 24th 1942." It records the names of twenty four men.

HMS Gossamer Memorial

Minesweeper HMS Gossamer was bombed by JU87 bombers operating against shipping in the Kola Inlet and sank within 8 minutes of being hit.

It also records the names of four men who have died since the founding of the association

Crease T.C Commander D.S.O (Ship's Captain)
Barkes J. Coder.
Jackson J. A B
Page C. A.S.D.I.C

Reunion of HMS Gossamer survivors 1989

Shipwreck survivors meet up

Old salts who survived a Second World War shipwreck in the icy waters of the Arctic got together in Wolverhampton today for the first time in 47 years. The emotional gathering was organised by 72 year old grandfather Eric Morris - a wireless operator on the ill fated minesweeper HMS Gossamer.

Twelve former shipmates travelled from as far afield as North Scotland and Devon to meet up again at the Roebuck Inn in Penn Road. And Mr Morris, who now lives in Whitely Bay, Tyne and Wear, said: "It was absolutely marvellous seeing everyone again."

The minesweeper was sunk during a German dive bomber attack in 1942. Only 30 of the 178 crew survived. [Note; figures incorrect] Mr Morris, who lived in Wells Road, Penn, was rescued by a fishing boat.

Photo and press cutting from 1989(?) supplied by Mark Page, son of 'Jock' Page

Other Members of the Crew of HMS Gossamer



Andrew Frank Alexander John Lt   1942   ADM116/4544 http://www.unithistories.com/officers/RN_officersA5.html
Baillie John Leading Seaman P/SSX200093 1942   ADM116/4544
Barkes J Coder       http://wolverhamptonwarmemorials.com
Bartlett Douglas Kenneth AB P/JX200115 26.8.40 - 24.6.42   Douglas Barlett HMS GossamerGramps was drafted to the Leda on August 26th of 1940, and was there until October when the Captain of the Leda was drafted to the Gossamer and requested to take his crew with him. Gramps remained on board Gossamer until its end. He was one of four Newfoundlanders who had come over from the Leda and as he recalls, all of their names began with 'B': Bartlett, Bridger, Bishop, Brown and Brownrigg.

Source: Andrew Bonia (Grandson)
Beale Sydney Martin Chichester Ordinary Seaman J/X296483 1942   ADM1/12285


Bell Reginald Patrick Oliver AB SSX 23660 1942   ADM116/4544
Bird Arthur Edward Chief ERA M30181 1942   ADM1/12285


Bradley Frederick Lt   10.40 - 2.41   Mention in Despatches (Birthday Honours 1.7.41)

HMS Harrier - 25.8.42 DSC awarded for Murmansk convoys Mar-May 1942

Brand J W Cd Engineer   7.3.38   Navy List for Dec 1939
Case Jack Francis Leading Seaman P/JX137794 1942   ADM116/4544
Crease Thomas Crosbie Lt Commander   21.7.41 - 24.6.42   ADM116/4544. Mention in Despatches - London Gazette No. 35495 of 24th March 1942
Awarded DSO -
London Gazette Issue 35648 of  28 July 1942
Elks George Earnest Able Seaman J/X236417 1942   ADM1/12285 
Everett Walter AB J/100186 1942   ADM116/4544
FOSTER George Campbell PO P/JX153809  1942   ADM1/12285, ADM116/5233
Jackson J AB       http://wolverhamptonwarmemorials.com
Haskett Smith Reginald Cecil Cdr   5.1.39 - 21.2.40    
Higgs Edward William PO C/JX133416 1940   Orde (Dunkirk) Awarded DSM - Supp to London Gazette 16th Aug 1940, No.34925
Hockney Arthur (Samuel) PO Stwd C/L 14824 1940-42   Orde (Dunkirk) - Mention in Despatches Supp to London Gazette 16th Aug 1940, No.34925
Survived sinking of Gossamer - Info from Grandson, Steven Hockney
Holden Edward Sydney Farr Sick Berth Attendant MX64698     ADM1/12285
Howells Peter         Reunion photo (above)
Jay Alan David Hastings Lt Cdr   10.40 - 21.7.41    
Jelbart Geoff        

http://www.defence.gov.au/news/navynews /editions/4610/topstories/story25.htm

McLean Archibald ERA III MX 60416     ADM1/12285
Morris Eric         Reunion photo (above)
Morris John         Reunion photo (above)
Near 'Ike' Isaac Ellison  Lt   6.11.40 - 26.2.41   Lt Ike Near HMS GossamerMy wife's Grandfather, Lt 'Ike' Isaac Ellison Near RNVR served on HMS Salamander and Gossamer between 1940 & 42.
Sean King



Newton P G Lt   24.7.39   Navy List for Dec 1939
PAGE Colin Kennedy
Able Seaman SSX18160     ADM1/12285, Reunion photo (above)
Pepper William Philip Stoker 1 MX801693
17.7.41 - 24.6.42   Source: Adrian Proudfoot
Phipps M Sub Lt   6.7.39   Navy List for Dec 1939. Orde (Dunkirk)
Ross Richard Cyril Vesey Cdr SO 5th MSF 121.2.40 - 10.40   Orde (Dunkirk)
Ward Thomas Henry Asst Cook CMX59579 1940   Orde (Dunkirk) Awarded DSM - Supp to London Gazette 16th Aug 1940, No.34925
Wingfield Fred         Reunion photo (above)
Winter Ronald Frederick William YS P/JX136084 1942   ADM116/4544
Wright Max Watchkeeper       Letter from Alan Jay to Joe Youngs in 1974 IWM 92/50/1
Woodward Henry James AB J104237 1942   ADM116/4544

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